Everything You Need To Know About Ivory Shea Butter

The shea tree sheds its nuts each spring, after which they are collected, cleaned, washed, cracked, and the pulp inside is cooked until it becomes a paste. The paste is made by hand, then boiled after being prepared. When the shea butter has risen to the top after being boiled for a few hours, it is ready to be utilized.

Shea butter is transported to the United States from West Africa in large containers. To pass FDA inspections at customs, the butter must be of the highest quality. Once it arrives, it is filtered using a chemical-free, physical filtering system to remove any remaining skins, yielding shea butter that is both pure and unrefined.

Although some heating is technically involved in the extraction process, this is unrefined shea butter, commonly known as “raw” shea butter. Refined shea butter, on the other hand, goes through further processing using hexane or other bleaching chemicals to remove the butter’s characteristic nutty/smoky fragrance and produce a uniform white color.

What Causes Some Shea Butter To Appear White?

A tree in West Africa has been harvested for millennia to create beverages and topical medicines that purify the body and relieve inflammation. The Ivory Shea Butter gets its vibrant hue from a species known as the Borututu Tree.

An example of a borututu tree branch looks like this:

Shredded from the White center, this core is added to the boiling process of making shea butter, giving it a lovely brilliant White color and infusing it with great antioxidants and therapeutic ingredients on top of what our ivory shea butter already has to offer. The lack of Ivory Shea Butter’s widespread appeal is likely due to a lack of familiarity with the product since this mystical butter has yet to gain the widespread attention it deserves.

Ivory Shea Butter: How To Use It

Ivory Shea Butter should be melted between your fingers into an amount the size of a pea, then used on your hair. The exact quantity (about a pea) can be used to tame and provide moisture to coarse or thick, unmanageable hair. Apply some melted White shea (about the size of a pea) to your dry hair by rubbing your palms together. Remember that too much shea butter can make your hair greasy since it is very emollient.

Take away

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