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S-Secrets FOUNDER AND CEO, Selina Zinchuk, HAS OVER 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in Business

Her experience and success in DIY’s on health from the inside out inspired Selina to share her regimen of healthy, hair with the masses.

She is passionate about inspiring women in business and entrepreneurship. Selina resides in Florida with her husband and S-Secrets, their two beautiful daughters, Sonya and Aurora.

As Founder of S-Secrets, Selina Zinchuk built her hair brand from the ground up by incorporating her specialized knowledge, DIY’s, with her own curiosity.

Taking to YouTube to document she and her daughter’s healthy hair journey, Selina and her daughter Sonya personal healthy hair care journey became her calling, as her viewers watched her amazing DIY’s videos and saw progress and yearned for her self-discovered help with their own tresses.

Selina unique healthy product mixes intrigued viewers and quickly garnered her large following. Her experience with chemical, color and heat damage was traumatizing to her hair, self-esteem and physical appearance. In 2016 her hair started to fall out and she was diagnosed with traction alopecia and alopecia Arenta which force her to turn to 100% natural ingredients and start over with a healthy hair journey. She had her last relaxer May 7, 2016 and big chop October 9th 2016. Her experience with natural ingredients helped her identify what products and ingredients would render the best results.

Realizing that her passion for healthy hair and no more Business Administration that she study in university she decided to go all in with product production, The S-Secrets and Caffeine Growth oil  Solution was born. Her big dream is to one day own a hair brand that is just not about making profit but to make people hair dreams come through.

With the focus always on health, Selina and her husband constantly strives to make sure each product she offers serves a dual purpose — improving health — and working from the inside out. Everything she makes is good for the body and for the hair. With 100% natural ingredients

Apart from Selina Success in hair and business, She is married to her loving Husband Mr. Brian Zinchuk and they have 2 beautiful girls, Sonya and Aurora.  Mrs. Selina P Zinchuk is originally from West Africa, born in Liberia, lived and school in Accra Ghana for many years.

Mrs. Selina P Zinchuk has always been an entrepreneur. She previously owned and managed a pub in Accra Ghana. She loves traveling and learning about different cultures and trying different kinds of food, She have travel to many countries within west Africa, UAE, UK, Europe and America.

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