Organic Neem Oil 4oz


Neem Oil

Neem Oil is produced by pressing the seed kernels of the neem tree, Neem Oil is known to be extremely beneficial and therapeutic. Neem Oil has been used for over two millennia for its impressive natural properties; it has been believed to be anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and has been associated with helping to soothe skin conditions. As it may be applied directly to the skin,

Neem Oil leave you with:  Healthy skin, Hair & Scalp.It is Great in Soaps, Shampoos, and Beauty creams

Natural Skin Care – Relieves Dry Skin, Smoothed Wrinkles, Reduces Eczema, Stimulates Collagen, Helps with Acne and more

Neem Oil has been known to help to relieve acne, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, dandruff, skin ulcers, warts, and other skin conditions when applied either directly on the skin or added to soaps, lotions, and creams. Neem Oil Combats Bed Bugs.Neem Oil can be used as Natural Insecticide

Neem Oil can also help your garden in many way. Such As:

  • Repellent for Mites, Aphids, Leafhoppers, Psyllids, Fleas, Fruit Flies
  • Kills Lice (traditional use in Asia)
  • Kills Cockroaches and presents them from laying eggs
  • Kills Mosquitoes and Moth
  • Prevents Blocking the molting of larvae or nymphs
  • White-flies
  • Scale
  • Mealybugs
  • Rust
  • Scab
  • Root Rot
  • Black Spot
  • Sooty Mold

The National Pesticide Information Center states, “Neem oil is made of many components. Azadirachtin is the most active. It reduces insect feeding and acts as a repellent. It also interferes with insect hormone systems, making it harder for insects to grow and lay eggs.”

The EPA states: “Azadirachtin acts in the following ways: It deters certain insects, such as locusts, from feeding and it interferes with the normal life cycle of insects, including feeding, molting, mating, and egg laying.”

Directions for Neem Oil for Spray Solution:                                                       

  • 1-quart warm water
  • 1 teaspoon Neem Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap that is safe for plants

Mix and put into a sprayer, cover all plant surfaces thoroughly. Do only use freshly mixed solutions for best results. Repeat treatment every 1-2 weeks.


Store Neem Oil in a cool dark place, away from sunlight. Neem Oil can easily solidify – even at low room temperatures. Should this happen, put the bottle in warm water (below 95 degrees F) to liquefy. Do not place in near boiling water, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the oil

To Use: Just use a few drops of Neem oil in your lotion or on your skin to heal any skin aliments you may have. Spray it in your Garden to keep away pests.S-Secrets Neem oil is 100{a518128d5ccd7da2acfe3b84753f7023fbdbca4ca0216822826ee059b94ac3fe} pure .No synthetics, no artificial ingredients. Just simply pure.

 External use only, Avoid contact with eyes.

Ingredient: Organic Azadirachta Indica (Neem Seed Oil)

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