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Selina Zinchuk, the founder and CEO of S-Secrets, possesses extensive business experience spanning over 12 years. Her profound journey in the realm of do-it-yourself health solutions inspired Selina to share her secrets to maintaining healthy hair with the world. A strong advocate for empowering women in business and entrepreneurship, Selina resides in Georgia alongside her husband, Brian, and their two delightful daughters, Sonya and Aurora. As the visionary behind S-Secrets, Selina Zinchuk diligently built her hair brand from scratch, leveraging her specialized knowledge and inquisitive nature. In 2019, she embarked on a YouTube venture, documenting her personal hair care journey as well as her daughter Sonya's. The exceptional do-it-yourself videos showcasing remarkable progress captivated viewers, who yearned for Selina's self-discovered solutions to their own hair concerns. Selina's intriguing concoctions of unique and healthy hair products quickly amassed a large following. Her own experiences with chemical treatments, coloring, and heat damage had taken a toll on her hair, self-esteem, and physical appearance. In 2016, facing traction alopecia and alopecia areata, she transitioned to 100% natural ingredients, embarking on a fresh and healthy hair journey. May 7, 2016 marked her last relaxer, and she underwent a significant hair chop on October 9th of the same year. Through her exploration of natural ingredients, Selina learned which products and components yielded the most desirable outcomes. Recognizing the remarkable results born out of her passion for healthy hair, Selina committed herself to product development. The birth of S-Secrets and the Caffeine Growth oil solutions epitomized her dream of owning a hair brand that not only pursued profit but also instilled hope in individuals' hair aspirations. Selina's unwavering focus on health motivated her and her husband, Brian, to ensure that every product they offered served a dual purpose: enhancing overall well-being and working from within to promote healthy hair. All of her creations are crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Beyond her accomplishments in the hair industry and entrepreneurship, Selina is happily married to her devoted husband, Mr. Brian Zinchuk, and together they cherish their two beautiful daughters, Sonya and Aurora. Selina P Zinchuk hails from West Africa, specifically Liberia, and spent a significant portion of her life in Accra, Ghana, where she received her education. A born entrepreneur, she previously owned and managed a pub in Accra. Selina nurtures a deep love for travel, exploring diverse cultures, and savoring a wide array of cuisines. Her journeys have taken her to numerous countries across West Africa, the UAE, the UK, Europe, and America.
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